Saturday, September 12, 2009

Another approach to models?

I have been playing around with a couple alternatives to the single table approach that the first round of the models used. I just came up with a pretty cool alternative; a conventional db structure that the models build.  It works like this:

  1. You set 'buildDb' parameter to true in your db connection options. You can do this in application.ini.
  2. You create a new model class. You add fields to this class in the init() method, exactly the way to do with a form. There are types for each type of db field. Note that at this point this uses SQLite as the back end,which makes permissions much easier.
  3. When you create an instance of the model it checks the buildDb flag; if it is set to true then it creates the table if it does not exist. It then confirms that each of the fields exists; creating those that do not. 
  4. It also validates the type, but at this point it just throws an exception. I will probably add a clean mode option which will change types, but this will take some consideration.

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