Monday, September 28, 2009

Digitalus Framework API

I constantly find myself copying and pasting library items from project to project; usually the same items. I am in the process of building a Digitalus Framework based API that will make it much easier to share this functionality.

The first component (user mgmt) is mostly done; I will release it as a private beta. If you are interested in taking part please contact me through the Digitalus Media site.


  1. Hello Forrest. I'm working with digitalus for my personal stuff. Just for fun. I like to develop in my free time.

    I've done a frontendmodule with registration for the actual digitalus 1.9. I didn't publish it because it's difficult to separete the whole code.

    I want to test this, and help if I can. Also I'm curius if what I'd been doning still works for this new aproach.

    I have only one thing to mention about digitalus, I can't figure out how to add a third level user group "frontendusers" to use some function such as leave a comment.


  2. I solve this "issue" by asking if it's allow under each controller, and setting into the properties.xml.